Felix Pappalardi's influence on Mountain, one the great American rock bands to come out of the late sixties, early sevevties music explosion was a culmination of his rich, diverse musical backround and experiences. Although known for his singing and playing bass with Mountain, Felix's first instrument was the piano and his second was viola. Felix studied classical music from age five on through college where he studied brass and string arranging. He also was intensively involved in conducting classical orchestral and choral groups. One of Felix's great loves was the music of Bach, " I suppose Bach is to me as God is to probably most of the people I know. When I get bored, I go to him." Felix eventually left college and did a short stint in the Army Reserves.Once out, he went on to his next musical growth period, the Greenwich Village folk scene.

Greenwich Village was the place to be for artists and musicians alike in the sixties. He worked with people like Cass Elliott, Richies Haven, Buffie Saint-Marie, Tim Hardin and John Sebastian. He worked as an arranger and musical director during this time period. Felix started playing electric bass also at this time with Tim Hardin."It was the most exciting period of my life. I was learning constantly, and learning is the greatest kick of all." The other of Felix's musical development was producing.

Some of Felix's producing credits are, The Youngbloods, The Vagrants, and Cream's " Disraeli Gears " and Leslie West's first solo album to name a few. Subsequently, Mountain was formed in 1969. At this time Felix took all his business and musical skills as producer, arranger and player into making Mountain one of the great rock bands of all times.Felix and his wife Gail Collins also contributed to the songwriting and unique psychedelic artwork of their album covers. Together with Leslie West, Corky Laing and Steve Knight, Felix helped create rock classic's that stand the test of time and generations. For more information on Felix check out www.pappalardi.com

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