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Zakk Wylde and Slash plays on Leslie West' new cd
December 09, 2010

Just back from L.A.working on my new cd for The Mascot label.It was exciting, thrilling and a great experience.My producer, Fabrizio Grossi ,at the helm was sensational.Having Zakk Wylde come down to play on 2 cuts was MIND BLOWING.Then Tuesday Slash came in to play on 2 cuts,one is with me,Slash and Zakk.This happens once in a life time.Kenny Aronoff played drums on the whole album and I can hear why he is in so much demand and what a great guy Steve Lukather also played on another cut that I could not handle my self.PS. I gave Slash a Leslie West signature guitar that I used on the album Great time ,and the cd is due out in the spring

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