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Leslie West recieves New Truck
December 31, 2011

Leslie West was given the new MV-1 truck,by ManhattanMotorCars, which sells RollsRoyce,Bentley,and Lotus to name a few.The owner of the dealership,Brian Miller,General Mgr. Steven Schneir, and the guy that started VPGautos,Fred Drasner,who used to own the Daily News,saw on my facebook page,I had to cancel the Guitar Heroes tour because we could not find a wheelchair accessible Tour bus.They saw this and Fred Drasner said"give Leslie one of these new wheelchair friendly trucks,"I was so thrilled "to say the least,and it has made things so much easier till I learn to walk again mainly for my wife.It has 2 ramps that you can choose from ,a short one or a longer one and the wheelchair goes right in where the passenger seat goes.It is an incredible vehicle and I can't thank the guys enough.We will have more press soon on my upcoming shows starting October 16 at BB KIngs in NYC .

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